What else is on offer?

Ada yang lain?
Is there anything else in the offer?

For those who want to continue to the next levels of competency, there will be classes available. From the Introductory Level, you can go to Level 1.

Our first program timetable for 2020 (Introductory Level only) TERM 4: (8 weeks) between 05 Oct – 12 Dec (proposed time and day 5:00 PM, Thursday or Saturday)

If you would like to enrol in a term that has already started, contact us as there still may be places available.

How are the levels structured?

Our programs are based on communication where a language learner puts their knowledge into practice. You will learn how to use Bahasa Indonesia from the first situation in the classroom to the many situations in Indonesia.

If you have never studied or learned Bahasa Indonesia, you will start at Introductory Level which is designed for first time learners. If you have studied or learned Bahasa Indonesia or have some knowledge of the language, we recommend that you contact us, so we can assist in choosing the most suitable level and class for you.

lbu Susan Wirawan wirawansusan@gmail.com

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