The BBBIVT offers Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian) lessons to students at all levels.

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Welcome to the BBBIVT

Welcome to our newly refreshed website, recently updated in 2021.   On this site you will find a range of information about the activities of the BBBIVT.   If you have any questions or you’d like to make contact with us, simply click on the button below.


Balai Bahasa dan Budaya Indonesia Victoria dan Tasmania is an organisation with purposes:


  • To promote a positive multifaceted image of Indonesia to Australia
  • To promote access to instruction of Bahasa Indonesia, Indonesian culture and society and to promote multinational cultural and educational cooperation
  • To strengthen the position of Indonesian language within the diversity of languages taught in schools and universities
  • To provide access to knowledge, information, and understanding about Indonesia and to present Indonesia,s cultural phenomena, position, and experience
  • To represent an open, modern and democratic Indonesia by building bridges that cross cultural, ideological and political borders
  • To foster cooperation between members of the BBBIVT and between BBBIVT with like minded

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